The bar

The Mariposa Negra cocktail bar is El Born’s door to a fantastic world.

Plaza de les Olles 4, 08003 Barcelona

We are sorry, but we cannot accept reservations.

The story of Black Butterfly

The name and place are inspired by the fantasy world of Marina’s novel, written by the great writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

Marina’s novel is set in Barcelona in the 70s, where Michail Kolvenik, obsessed with overcoming death, discovers a serum that is extracted from the blood of black butterflies in his workshop located in El Born, where this bar is located.

Michail Kolvenic reconstructs, with various materials, inert bodies with lack of limbs after the wars. With this mystical serum he is able to give life to his half human and half monsters that will haunt the nights of Barcelona.

100% handmade

With recycled wood and metals, we built this peculiar, dark and mysterious space that we call Mariposa Negra.

Using our own handmade pottery and 3D printing techniques we recreate Michael Kolvenik’s mysterious and imperfect nocturnal creatures.

As in the book, in our workshop we build them with our own hands and then we bring them back to life with the soul of the black butterfly.

We cut the materials we use into small pieces and then join them again in an irregular way to remind us of the monstrous creatures in Marina’s book.

The Workshop

Inside the bar we have our own workshop, where we put all our imagination and creativity into practice.

Here we map out all our 3D prints, we prepare our moulds to create the ceramic pieces and we use laser printing technique.